Free Spirit

Free Spirit describes Thomas Edward James Bennett.  Just twenty-six and a half years old when he made his final tragic ascent up Mt. Shasta in Northern California, in late March 2010, he was – and always will be – a wonder.  He is described by many as “having an old spirit”, by others as “living more in 26 years than most of us do in a full lifetime”, and still others as “having a flair for the dramatic in life that was far more valuable than having a lifeless quantity of years.”

Tommy’s motto for himself AND his challenge to others has always been and will always be “live life to the fullest”.  I’ve yet to meet the person whose life he touched who was not changed as a result. At my son’s funeral, several young people described Tommy as “their best friend”.  And, that he was, to each and everyone of them. I know this for a fact, all felt special in his presence.


Hearing the call to the mountains as a very young child, his free spirit led him to become one with his beloved mountains as soon as he could in life.  And this call, this passion he had for the mountains intensified with every climb he took. His search for the spiritual in life among the mountains was touching for one so young in these matters.  I must admit, I did not really understand his call until months after his death, when something special happened.


His life and his journey into death is no ordinary story; it has elements of the dramatic, the extraordinary and the spiritual.


Together, three times a week, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we will explore his journey and all the lives he has touched.


You’ll get to know Tommy and his free spirit as I have been privileged to. You’ll learn many of the details about his death. And you’ll “feel” his challenge to you, personally, to “live your life to the fullest”.


Along the way you’ll  learn about mountain climbing, alpinism and the many other sports and activities, both extreme and not-so-extreme, that were part of the fabric of his life. You’ll also gain insight into the plans he had to help humanity, throughout his life and as a chemical engineer. Guest bloggers of all descriptions and from all parts of his life will be invited to join in and help tell the story.


You are embarking on an incredible journey.  Welcome aboard.


See You
Mother of an Incredible Free Spirit

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